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The Crop Circles at Cherhill - 7 June 2013 and at Stanton St Bernard n- 9 June 2013

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Message from the Star Councils of Light 

 The Crop Circles at Cherhill - 7 June 2013 and
 at Stanton St Bernard n- 9 June 2013

Many people are wondering why there are so few crop circles in the UK so far in 2013. There is more to it than the bad weather and the crops being so late. I went into the 
heart-shaped crop circle at Cherhill on 7 June, and was soon politely asked to leave by the farmer. We talked a little, and he was clearly unhappy about anyone coming into the field and didn’t think it was necessary anyway to go into circles in oilseed rape crops.

This is the field below the White Horse at Cherhill where there have been outstanding formations in wheat in past years which people were able to visit freely. So I asked him whether he might allow people in to  big circles in the future, perhaps by having a collecting box as visitors would be happy to pay something to offset the crop damage. He said this would require policing and that there ‘wouldn’t be any more here anyway.’

In the light of this, it is important what the Star Councils of Light commented when I sat up on the windy hillside afterwards and told them that I had felt no particular energy in the circle. I don’t usually post comments for formations the star beings say are human-made, but this time they expressly wanted me to share their words.

Peroptimé, for the Star Councils of Light:

Dearest one, it was not made by us, it was made by human beings. We do not usually make forms that are so recognisably human. We make our glyphs in the corn, we imprint the star glyphs - the star language, the star forms - to impress into the earth that which she must receive, and to balance the needs of the human beings who go into her. You, dear one, would have felt our energies if they had been there.

There will be an increasing problem with the farmers in this area who have hitherto been receptive to the crop circles. Negotiation and friendliness with them is of vital importance that we may continue to work in these sacred lands to make these formations in the corn. Many of you are feeling that we will have to change the way we are working. This is so, dear one. It is why it is all the more important that your book go out widely to alert people to being able to communicate with us directly within their hearts and their open minds, for it will be less and less possible for us to reach thousands of people directly through the energies of the circles in the corn.

…(The small diamond-shaped formation at Stanton St Bernard) is also man-made to discredit the real circles. We do not wish to make so many circles this year in fields where the farmers will just cut them out. As we have told you, our plans are changing as to how we will communicate with you human beings.

Peroptimé, for the Star Councils of Light, 7 June 2012, channelled through Amuna Ra,

 My forthcoming book that Peroptimé refers to is Crop Circle Messages from the Stars: Healing for the Earth and Humanity,’ and it is very much a joint work with the Star Councils of Light, and will be available through my website soon.

Channeller: Amuna Ra

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