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Channelled through Amuna Ra

Your Heart is a Cosmic Portal;  Star Travelling as an Awakened Being;  How to Neutralise the Effect of  Chemtrails;   Meditation to Purify Ourselves and the Atmosphere;  The Star Councils of Light Need our Hearts’ Requests;  Getting to Know Peroptimé;  The City of Light – the Mother Ship; Raying out as a  Cosmic Being;  In the Ranks of the Angels;  When you Meditate in your Heart, you are in a Different Dimension;  Individual Perceptions Differ in Other Dimensions;  Human Perception of the Realm after Death;  Getting to Know the Star Beings is a Process that Transforms;  How the Star Beings Perceive Themselves and their Craft;  The Star Beings Perceive the Quality of our Vibration;  Creation of Form through Sound;  What the Big Bang has to do with our Heart Centres;  The Cosmic Aspect of Male and Female Energies.


Your Heart is a Cosmic Portal

I wish to welcome you all most warmly to this Star Gathering, where we will be able to come into conversation together. We are delighted that you have come to speak with us this evening. First I wish to speak with you about the very centre of your being, your heart. In the meditation you have just been doing, you centred yourselves in your heart. Your heart is the centre of the streams of energy, through which you shine out your light into the cosmos. Your heart in a physical sense is the organ which ensures your blood is sent out to all parts of your body. The blood circulates through many pathways in the system of arteries and veins so the oxygen in the blood may nourish the life within you. Your blood is the life-giving fluid within you, which passes through your heart which is a portal. Your heart also works as a cosmic portal. Your heart, the Star Within (chakra) which is your heart, is a cosmic portal. And when you are centred within your heart, your heart shines. And the love that is the life-giving blood of your soul, the life of your spirit, rays out far into the cosmos and you are connected through many many pathways with many other beings. Some of you are aware of this, most of you are much less aware of this.

Star Travelling as an Awakened Being

These are the skills that awakening to your multi-dimensionality, awakening to your star nature, awakening to your cosmic nature consist of - very simple skills of being able to live both within your physical human being on the Earth, and within your star body. You may know this star body as your astral body, and most of you will know that astral means ‘star’. But you forget this, and it is as simple as this. When you in your spirit use your astral vehicle, and the word vehicle is used here quite consciously, then can you travel in it. You can direct your will wherever you wish to go - from your heart. For your heart is  the personal portal to inter-star travel, if you wish to call it that. When you travel out from your heart in a spiritual way along the streams of spiritual light, then are you moving between different dimensions. As you centre yourself in your heart and slow your breathing down, you take your awareness away from your physical body, for your awareness has to go somewhere – attention always does. If you take it away from your physical body, which is what meditation does, then it goes somewhere else. And where does it go? It goes within. It goes into the portal of your heart.

The portal of your heart has a very special quality which I will ask Amuna Ra to show you afterwards*, for it turns itself inside out. You enter in and when you are in, it opens right out and becomes cosmic. Cosmic in size, cosmic in potential - cosmic in spatial experience, one could say. Your concept of space that the scientists in your world have, of it being ‘out there’ is all very well. But the ‘out there’ when you really explore the potential of the heart, the ‘out there’ is discovered to be ‘in there’. It is not different within and without .

AMUNA RA: There are all sorts of movements going on – like this, they go in and it instantly takes you right out… out and out and out it can be small, and it can be enormously large.  …. He’s drawing back, but the movements are still there…

That, by the way, was Peroptimé who is a close colleague of mine. He speaks very often for the Star Councils of Light about the crop circles, and it was he whom I was talking to in Brixham down by the harbour when they first told me to come to this area. It was his brother who actually asked me. They are very closely connected with me and my work with the Star Councils of Light.

And the movements are like this:  (I was moving my hands in the forms of gathering energy, bringing it in to the heart, transforming it through turning inside out and letting it radiate out again to the surroundings.

*These movements are described in detail in the second part of the Chakra Balancing Meditation on the Star Temple & Meditations page of my website – the Rose of Love in my Heart…  . The Star Cross Meditation with which we began this evening is also there.)

... It’s a connecting of the inner and the outer and it goes on constantly. It’s like the way your heart makes sure that the blood keeps on going round you, always circulating. There’s also this movement purely spiritually (with the movements) going in, transforming, and going out again.

Q: The Torus.

AMUNA RA: Yes,  that’s right, it is very like that movement, and it never stops. But as soon as we are aware of this, as soon as you are aware  from the inside that this is happening, then you can’t take away that awareness. It’s there – and you are connected. It was so beautifully explained, I thought… (I was smiling a big smile.) Peroptimé is also smiling, and waiting for your questions.

How to Neutralise the Effect of  Chemtrails

Q: The question that I would like to ask is related to the changes in weather, to the chemtrails and HAARP. What I would like to know in particular is what the Star Councils of Light’s take on it is, as regards the artificially created, engineered weather, and what one can do to counteract this negative impact for the planet, and what the Star Councils of Light, who I am sure are aware of this, are doing to help counteract it. It would be reassuring to know his,  so that we can join together and counteract chemtrails and HAARP .

PEROPTIMÉ: Dearest one, we welcome your question and we particularly welcome the second part of it: What can we do to help, because this is what is important. You are aware that much is being done to alter the weather patterns on your Earth, not arising from your Mother the Earth herself for there are effects on the weather patterns because of the changes she is going through. But that is not what your question is, your question is about what is being done artificially to alter the weather patterns, for - we can only say - selfish reasons by governments and big business. You can, and we can, counteract this, for everything is energy.

And what you were experiencing before, this movement of the Torus, which is the human heart, which is the human being in its fullest reality – the cosmic human being – this movement is a cleansing and purifying movement. What comes in is quite transformed, and sent out again as light. And the more you become aware of this, and actually allow the process to happen and go on expanding into your surroundings, the more you cleanse the atmosphere as well. For what is the atmosphere but what surrounds you?

*Meditation to Purify Ourselves and the Atmosphere

And the more of you that become aware of this purifying element that you have within you, and consciously use it, not only to purify your own bodies. First that, yes, but then to take the Earth into your surroundings and then beyond that into the whole of the atmosphere of the Earth. You can build it up, dear one, start small, experience that movement, get used to using it for those around you – your family, your friends, your immediate circle. For the more you purify yourself and your immediate situation, the more free you are to work on a much grander scale. Then when you are used to doing it, you can extend the sphere of your practice (hand movements) making it bigger and bigger and bigger until it does encompass the whole of the Earth and the atmosphere. And then, dear ones, you are also encompassing we star beings of the Star Councils of Light, for now we are within the atmosphere of the Earth.

But do not think for one minute that the individual human soul is impotent to do anything in this situation. Far from it, you are powerful beyond measure. You can transform not only yourself and your immediate situation, but the whole world and everything around it, and the more of you who come into this process in consciousness, the more people recognise their own star being and their interconnectedness cosmically, the stronger you will be and the more you will neutralise, literally neutralise, the effects that you call chemtrails, etc. (He loved the question!)

Q: Thank you, Peroptimé. (He was thanking the questioner too.)

PEROPTIMÉ: Is there anything else?

Q: Have the Star Councils of Light intervened in the chemtrails programme?

The Star Councils of Light Need our Hearts’ Requests  

PEROPTIMÉ: We have intervened directly when the situation became very dangerous. These are things we don’t speak about a great deal, dear one, for we, as you are probably aware, may not interfere in the free will of human beings on Earth. In general, if you wish to poison your atmosphere, that is your free choice, and yet we will not let great harm come to your planet. There are certain situations where we will intervene if the situation is very dangerous. We prefer though to work directly with human beings, so that you do this work yourselves, for the responsibility for your planet is yours. But we do, when necessary, lend a hand.

Your asking us to help in these situations actually invites us to do this, then there is no transgression of human free will. So the asking within your heart – which we sense the dear one who asked this question did, for it came from her heart – the asking within your heart, isan invitation to us to then intervene if necessary. So it is a two way process. We can help when we are asked. You can help all the time to lessen the effects of these things. And never fear, your Earth is changing dramatically. These things will not stay the same, for the balance is shifting, quite tangibly. Thank you.

Q: Thank you.

Q: You said they’re doing it for selfish reasons, but if they are poisoning the air, they’re poisoning the air they breathe in as well, so  they’re poisoning themselves. I don’t understand what they’re trying to gain from it?

PEROPTIMÉ: Dear one, they do not realise, quite. They are not unconscious, but they are only semi-conscious.  They do not realise that they are poisoning themselves; that may be clear to you, it is not clear to them. Again it is a question of attention, as we were speaking before. Their attention is on sales, profit, crops, economics. Their attention is not on the quality of life. And because of this blinkered approach they do not realise that they are poisoning themselves.

Getting to Know Peroptimé

Q: First, thank you for talking to us like this. I would really like to get to know you better. So my question is will you tell us about your life? How do you  spend your time, if you perceive time at all? And do you eat, do you sleep, do you reproduce, do you have family? Do you have society or anything similar to our life? How is life for you, can you tell me about that, please?

AMUNA RA: What a lovely question, I did not think to ask him quite like that.

PEROPTIMÉ: Dear one, I would be happy to tell you more about myself. I, Peroptimé, am a star being from the system of Andromeda. I am a very ancient being. Long ago I had what you call family, but this isn’t of great importance to me now, for my role is different, my tasks are different. I am touched in my deepest being when someone enquires of me. As Amuna Ra said, her questions of me are different, but I was equally touched then when she enquired of my star background as I am with your questions.

The City of Light – the Mother Ship

So essentially, dear one, I must say to you, no it is not quite like the connections you have on the Earth. Once, long ago at home on my star, my own star home, it was more like that, and yet not like that. But now, I have a particular mission – actually many missions – but the mission which brings me into contact with you, dear one, and the mission with which I work with Amuna Ra at present in her star form, in her star being, is upon what we call the City of Light**. Some call it the mother ship. It is where we live and work together, and there are very many of us. It is in your terms very very big.

We have no need of nourishment like your earthly food. We sustain ourselves through energetic means. You could say we sustain ourselves on light and love. These are the means in the cosmos of sustenance. They are our nourishment. They are, indeed, creation. Things work in a different way from the way they work upon the Earth. It is why we work with you to realize your cosmic nature. To realize your creative power as human beings is in rising into a simultaneous consciousness of your cosmic being. For then you learn at first hand , so to speak, what it is like to be a star being, a cosmic being, an angelic being. For the angels and the star beings, we interweave. We are not different. It is just that some people relate to us from one side, and some relate to us from the other side.

Raying out as a  Cosmic Being   

But we, we who live as cosmic beings, we are aware of this, and we see and we feel when human beings are centered in their hearts, in love and meditation. We see you then transformed into cosmic beings. The transformation is as simple as this, dear ones, for you are not only human beings living on the Earth, you are cosmic beings living within your bodies. When you are conscious of this, then you are connected cosmically. When you are centered in your heart, even with less of a clear consciousness of what is happening, then are you also centered within the whole cosmos. You are quite transformed when you are centered in your heart, and this is where you are when you do  the beautiful meditation called the Star Cross, which is adaptable to many many occasions and in many forms. It is in its simplicity, simply a centering within your heart and a shining out, a raying out, at cosmic levels.

And this is why this beautiful meditation is really important, for in its simplicity it transforms you instantly into a cosmic being who can be seen. As you get used to this transformation and begin to use the simplicity of such a meditation to realize that you can ray out in any direction. It does not need to be just along the three arms of the Star Cross, it can be in any direction. But for the sake of getting used to it, and beginning to practice, it is useful to feel yourself suspended in the vertical and the two horizontal arms, the streams of light through your heart.

When you have got used to using them, you can move at will out to the left, or out in front, or above, or below – or in whatever direction you wish. When you can move at will, and then come back in to your own center, then have you learnt how to travel as a multi-dimensional cosmic being, and you can go whenever you wish, wherever you wish, in whatever direction you wish. When you have learnt this ease of cosmic traveling, through practice and wish to use it, you only have to think of where you wish to be, and you can go there.

In the Ranks of the Angels

When you go far enough in your getting to know us you come to see where these mergings take place. I could have spoken with you from my angelic being, it is not different from my star being. But because the tasks of the moment and the mission of the moment is to do with an awakening of star consciousness, I speak in my star being as Peroptimé. But it is a being – my own being – that is far removed from my old star home. I exist as a cosmic being, also in the ranks, the high ranks, of the angels, and I have no need for family as you so lovingly have upon the Earth, for all beings are my family, especially those beings who work alongside me. One could say that the whole of the City of Light, the whole of the mother ship, is one great family. We come from many many star nations, but we work so closely together and have worked so closely together for aeons of time, in your sensing of time. We do not have time in the way that you do on the Earth. It is more an eternity. It simply is.  But we can translate into more earthly terms, and then we would say that for aeons of time have we lived like this. But it touches us, dear one, when you inquire after how we live. Thank you.

Q: Is this mother ship where you’re living in our physical reality?** If I had an anti-gravity device and could leave the Earth’s atmosphere, would I be able to see it? And if so, what would it look like? If I went on board, what would I see? Or is it existing in another dimension? And if I went into that dimension, how would I perceive it?

When you Meditate in your Heart, you are in a Different Dimension

PEROPTIMÉ: It is more like existing in another dimension. That is the easiest way for your consciousness to conceive of this. Your dimension is the third dimension, though it is not only the third dimension at present. You are probably aware, most of you, that your Earth made a very big transition at the Winter Solstice, the time of the Galactic alignment, and entered the fourth dimension, which is the dimension immediately bordering the physical reality of your 3D Earth. So also did the Sun, the Earth in fact was nine days earlier. From that moment in time all beings upon the Earth, which includes all of you, all human beings, all life upon the Earth has been able to co-exist – and is actually co-existing – in the third and fourth dimensions. Not everybody is aware of that, but some people are. Many people exist in more dimensions than just the third and the fourth, the fifth and higher dimensions also. For existing in a dimension, as we were teaching you earlier in this same session, is a matter of consciousness.

When you are within your heart and have detached your consciousness from the processes of your physical body that keeps you anchored in the third dimension, then you are existing simultaneously in another dimension. This process that you referred to as the Torus, which Amuna Ra is making with her hands now, and teaches as a meditation*, is a constant movement between the third dimension and many many many others. You become conscious of these others as you allow your consciousness to be free. It is the concepts and habitual thoughts within your brain that stop your consciousness being free. They are very useful in third dimensional terms, these concepts within your brain, but they are not useful in any dimension beyond that. Except afterwards in order to keep the consciousness of the experience when you are back within your body, for you do leave your body – you, the essence within you, the spirit, the soul, however you wish to describe it. When you leave your human body in meditation and go into your heart, then you enter another dimension.

Individual Perceptions Differ in Other Dimensions

And as to how you perceive our craft and our mother ship, that is a question which is very difficult for me or my colleagues to answer, for only you can answer that question when the time comes that you would have such an experience. You probably have to some degree an answer to that question for yourself, and I say this quite consciously, for the experience of every one of you in these realms will be quite unique. For it is your astral vehicle, your star vehicle, your consciousness which takes you there. And each one has a different consciousness. So the path and the exact nature of your astral vehicle will be different for each one. Now this is a very interesting question because here we come to the nature of space, not time - that’s the other interesting question. One would think if one lives upon the Earth that if you followed the same path that you would come to the same place and that it would look the same, as it generally does upon the Earth. But that is not necessarily so in other dimensions.

Human Perception of the Realm after Death

We can perhaps illustrate this from the accounts that you have in your world of those who have gone beyond the threshold of death. There are many descriptions now from what you call Near Death Experiences, through regression and in many meditative ways, that human beings still living in their physical body come to an experience of what it is like on the other side of what you call death. These descriptions and writings of human experience of this very often differ quite widely in the way they describe their surroundings, and yet there are commonalities. One of the commonalities in this experience is the feeling of moving through the inside of a tunnel towards the light at the end, the description of ‘going’ to the light – again I can only approximate it in human words. But the way that people describe what they experience when they get to the other side of death varies according to the experience in life of that person, because they are affected by the consciousness of that person. This you can check out for yourselves by reading such descriptions. You will find commonalities, you will realize they are talking about the same thing and yet there are big differences – some will cross a beautiful river, a meadow of flowers, others will be in a beautiful house, some will not have an experience that has any relationship to the Earth, they will see only light, or hear only sounds, some will immediately be greeted by loving beings, some will see them as angels, some will experience them only in spiritual form, and yet the experiences are not necessarily different.

Getting to Know the Star Beings is a Process that Transforms

And it is the same with such a thing as our mother ship. People experience our craft firstly in the ways that are more compatible with their expectations, that is, with what is in the consciousness of these people. The getting to know us – for this is another aspect of the getting to know us – is a process which transforms as it deepens. So the experience of what our mother ship would be like would not necessarily stay the same as the first perception. It is a little like that in getting to know another human being on the Earth. You have an immediate perception of this and that. It is depending on how acute your sensing of another human being is on how many levels, on how many dimensions, how accurately you are able to do that. Your first perceptions will be to a greater or lesser degree accurate. But always as you get to know another person on deeper levels other facets come out, and your initial impressions are filled out. You may realize after some time that actually it was an illusion your first impression - that you deceived yourself,  for no-one else deceives you – that actually the reality of this person is quite different from what you first thought, sensed or felt.

All these things can be similar in a coming to know our craft or what we term homes or places of work. There are now quite a few descriptions in your world from people who have had these experiences and again like with those who become conscious after death there are commonalities and there are differences. Use your discernment when you read these descriptions  to feel for the commonalities and do not be too concerned about what the differences are if your heart tells you this is a true description. For the differences, when your heart is telling you it is a true description, the differences will be to do with the expectations of the person who had the experience.

How the Star Beings Perceive Themselves and their Craft

Q: How do you perceive your craft, the beings on it, and also how do you perceive us?

PEROPTIMÉ: Dear one, these are two questions, I start with the first one. It is very difficult for us to share with you how we perceive things for our mode of perception is quite different from yours. These are also things you can speak about with Amuna Ra, for she is sufficiently conscious in her star being to have some perceptions of our mother ship. In a way it is useful to speak with her, because she also has a human consciousness. This is to some extent frustrating for us (with a chuckle) for it limits her. It is however useful to you because what she is able to perceive of the working of the star beings, she can express in human language. But I will try.

We do not experience ourselves as separate beings in the same way that you do when you live in a human body upon the Earth. If we are working with one of our star colleagues, we are merged with them. Many of us work in a collective sense, and therefore sometimes use your pronoun ‘I’ and sometimes ‘we’. You will find that this is common in channelled communications. It shifts between I and we for the difference is not as great as upon the Earth. If we wish to go somewhere we simply think ourselves there. Thinking and will are the same thing to us, they are not separated the way they are upon the Earth. You have to think about something, then you do it, whereas for us, the thought is the deed. It is why it is not so difficult for us to be in another place. We do not need to have craft in order to travel. We can just go.

There are certain circumstances in which we do use what you would call craft, and we do use this term also. The examples which are coming to mind because I am speaking through my colleague, Amuna Ra, are to do with the crop circles and to do with the mother ship in this area. For this is where we work together. But there are many other examples. When we need a certain protection around us which can have a certain force in physical dimensions, then we form ourselves into a craft which has more of a physical quality, but we have not said that this is physical. We would say that it is on a continuum between purely spiritual, which you might term etheric, and physical density. We would not say that this is physical, even though it may be perceived by human beings quite often as physical.

It is very difficult, dear one, for me to say how we perceive our own forms, for that is not an important question to us, so it is not something that we do very much. We focus on the task in front of us. We sense and monitor what needs to be done, we adjust and balance in a healing sense, but we do not look at ourselves, we have not really the need to do so. Is this of any help, dear one?

Q: Yes, thank you. Do you perceive us as we perceive each other, or in a different way?

The Star Beings Perceive the Quality of our Vibration

PEROPTIMÉ: In a quite different way, dear one, we are not so concerned with outer appearance as you upon the Earth. What we perceive is the light shining out of you. We perceive the vibration in which you live. We notice particularly changes in vibration and light and color, for these are the star script. This is the language through which we relate to fellow star beings, which you are also. So we do not perceive you particularly in your physical bodies, we perceive the amount of shining that you radiate, the particular nuances of color that shine from you, and the frequency of the tones that you emit.

Q: Thank you.

Creation of Form through Sound

Q: Because I am an engineer I need practical answers, I would like to know where the energy in the universe comes from? It must be coming from somewhere.

PEROPTIMÉ: Dear one, what a beautiful question, for it is true engineering. It is exactly the same answer as I have just given. It stems from a different human perspective, but the answer is the same. We engineer everything. Engineering is simply making, and how it fits together, and how things result. Motion is changed into something else. This is through frequency, through vibration, through color and through tone. These are the creative forces, the creative energy. These are the forces which meld together and separate, which find through attraction, which call to or repel. The forces of attraction and repulsion are the same thing as your magnetism: it either attracts or it repels. These are forces which are cosmic forces.

You know upon the earth how tone can create form. If you strike a bow from one of your stringed instruments upon a metal plate with fine powder upon it, then the frequency of the resonance forms pictures and patterns, geometric patterns very like crop circles in the powder. That is a physical demonstration of the creative power to form of resonance, of sound.

(Here is a link which shows this in a simple school experiment with a violin bow and two Chladni Plates  . Chladni’s work was developed by Hans Jenny, the founder of the acoustic science of Cymatics, working on indications of Rudolf Steiner. He demonstrated how resonance, sound, creates form in matter - ‘In the beginning was the Word’. Amuna)

It is exactly the same with the crop circles that we make: their pattern, their design, their cosmic form, has power, the power to change and transform what is there within the Earth and what is there upon the Earth - life upon the Earth. This is how we create, and make, and transform, and alter. It is only a little quicker than upon the Earth. Do you have a further question, dear engineer? 

Q: Is the Big Bang theory exact, or does everything go beyond that?

What the Big Bang has to do with our Heart Centers

PEROPTIMÉ: By Big Bang, dear one, you mean a great explosion which brought everything into being? (Yes.) We do not see it quite like that. We see it more in engineering terms. We see it more as creation out of love and out of vibration, and yet there is the question of what came first. This is something which you can discover when you go right into your hearts. For the creative center in your heart is very similar to the creative center in all the universes. If you enter into your heart deeply enough, you connect with all the worlds. You become connected as a cosmic being and you will find that that the creative center is much more still than the Big Bang theory would suggest. So we would pass this wonderful question back to you for your own cosmic investigation. That there is a Source of all Creation is undoubted. Finding that Source of all Creation is the task of every cosmic being.

Q: Thank you.

PEROPTIMÉ: You are very welcome! Engineers are concerned with how to make things function.We are concerned with how to make things function on an intergalactic level. It is our greatest joy, our greatest love that humans, universes, solar systems, planets should function to their fullest potential, to their fullest potential. So we are cosmic engineers. But we may not act unless you human engineers – for each one of you is an engineer of your own system  (bodily system) and your own social systems and your own governing systems – we may not act unless you wish us, as your brothers and sisters from the stars, to join with you. For it is your task, as engineers of your own lives upon your own planet.

The Cosmic Aspect of Male and Female Energies

Q: Peroptimé is referred to as he. In human terms, he refers to a male energy. Is this how Peroptimé perceives himself?

PEROPTIMÉ: Again this is a wonderful question. As you know, dear ones, we do not have sexes as you have upon the Earth, and yet the nature of masculinity and femininity is cosmic. There are cosmically male forces and cosmically female forces. And I do perceive myself as cosmically male. The female, the feminine is a more receptive energy. The male is a more incisive energy. Both are needed for creation, therefore both exist in the cosmos, but the form in which they exist is not at all like they do upon the Earth. Most of you who have had any contact with non-human beings are immediately aware whether that energy is masculine or feminine. It is apparent. It is known to that being. They will refer to themselves, speaking – or allowing their thoughts to be spoken in a human language – they will refer to themselves as ‘he’ or ‘she’. When Amuna Ra is Amuna Ra in her star being, she is most distinctly ‘she’. The energy which we feel is fairly similar to the energy which you feel emanating from her human being. And that is to do with the fact that she is conscious in her star being at present, so there is more of a correlation than there is necessarily with other human star beings. The more a human being moves towards, opens to, a consciousness of their own star being, or Higher Self, for the terms can be interchangeable, then the vibratory level between their star being or their Higher Self, and their human being is not so very different. It will of course always be different when you are in a human body. And just as the energies of sexual interaction upon the Earth become much less important when the human being is interacting on cosmic levels, when a being is purely at a cosmic level the energies of sexual interaction do not exist at all as they do upon the Earth. The differences are also less important. Nonetheless they are there, and this is what you feel when the energy comes through. We know, dear one, that you did feel on the last occasion here at the Star Gathering that quality of the energy that comes through when a female being speaks is quite different. This has not happened this evening, so you did not all have that experience… But to answer the question, I do  experience myself as male.

Q: Thank you.

** There is more about the City of Light, the mother ship, and our work in my forthcoming book,‘CROP CIRCLE MESSAGES FROM THE STARS’, Amuna Ra. 

Channeller: Amuna Ra


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